Steve Pledger, Saturday 18th June 2016 (house concert)

Steve Pledger

House Concert, Saturday 18th June 2016.  Phone 07415 861597 for more information

Steve Pledger uses his talent to express himself through music, sharing his songs with an ever growing audience.  His debut album, ‘14 Good Intentions’ July 2012 shifts between fragile reflections on love & loss to blistering protest & social commentary. The emphasis is very much on the spirit of the performance of the songs and as such, the album goes a long way towards capturing the impact of a live gig.

The follow up, April 2015, ‘Striking Matches In The Wind’ featured 12 new songs and a handful of other fantastic musicians who compliment the songs beautifully.  It was highly acclaimed.

‘the flash of inspiration/genius has to do more than flare, for a song to have lasting impact it needs to infuse the fire and there is absolutely no doubt that Steve Pledger has infused the fire.’  FATEA

As well as performing his own highly regarded solo shows, Steve has worked with and opened for artists such as Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin, Martyn Joseph, Luke Jackson, Willy Porter and others, and particularly with award-winning, rising Folk star, Ange Hardy.

For more information, or to buy a CD visit his website

We are delighted to welcome Steve to a house concert, a unique opportunity to hear him ‘up close and personal’.  If you would like to come please phone me for more details 07415 861597